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Astronaut Makes David Bowie-Inspired Music Video From Space

Chris Hadfield’s latest creation from his tin can in space—a remake of Space Oddity.

Astronaut Makes David Bowie-Inspired Music Video From Space

Commander Chris Hadfield, the first Canadian commander of the International Space Station, aka the world’s coolest astronaut is at it again. This time, Hadfield has produced his take on David Bowie’s classic, "Space Oddity" . . . from space. It’s pretty amazing to see Commander Hadfield floating in his "tin can," playing his guitar, as views of planet Earth drift by. He can even hit the high notes.

This isn’t Hadfield’s first musical endeavor from space—he previously recorded a space-to-earth tune with the Barenaked Ladies. Hadfield has made a series of other videos from the ISS, including how to cook spinach from space and how astronauts shave in space.

Here’s Bowie’s original Space Oddity. A classic, no doubt, but as far as remake’s go, Hadfield has definitely put his own spin on things.