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YouTube Trends Map: An At-A-Glace Breakdown Of What's Going Viral

YouTube makes it easier to discover who’s watching what, where.

Nobody has yet managed to crack the code to video virality (even though some have promised to). But YouTube’s Trends Map project provides the kind of statistical breakdown that begins to show exactly what kinds of content are popular where, and with whom. The dashboard allows you to select stats based on shares, views, city region, gender, and age. Currently trending—pretty much everywhere and across every category—is Dead Giveaway, the songified version of the interview given by Cleveland kidnapping hero Charles Ramsey.

Trending way behind Ramsey are the Zachary Quinto-Leonard Nemoy video and the Kiss Cam Breakup. Maybe somebody should songify the number two and three contenders and see what happens. This nation does love a good songify.

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