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Infographic: Majority Of Earth’s Population Resides In This One Relatively Small Circle

A redditor points out on a map projection of the world that an area encompassing a big chunk of Asia contains over half of Earth’s population.

Sometimes the simplest ideas are the most dramatic. Take this circle, for example.

As redditor valeriepieris points out in a map projection that depicts the world flatly (a Winkel Tripel projection), over half of the world’s population fits into a relatively tiny circle. The simple visualization seems unbelievable at first—especially considering how much Pacific and Indian Ocean are also contained inside the circle, along with China and Japan—but the numbers seem to add up.

A commenter on Reddit put together population figures from the countries within this area on the map, and their numbers total more than 3.5 billion.

•China pop: 1.34 bil
•India pop: 1.24 bil
•Indonesia pop: 0.24 bil
•Japan pop: 0.13 bil
•Thailand pop: 0.07 bil
•Bangladesh pop: 0.15 bil
•Pakistan pop: 0.18 bil
•Malaysia pop: 0.03 bil
•Philippines pop: 0.094 bil
•South Korea pop: 0.05 bil

Perhaps Disney World should consider amending its signature song to "It’s a Small World After All, But Especially If You Live In Southeast Asia."

H/t to io9

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