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The Political Just Got Personal: See Putin and Other Leaders Flip You Off

A new campaign for nonprofit organization Reporters Without Borders depicts some world leaders communicating unsavory messages.

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The last time we saw world leaders digitally manipulated in an ad campaign, it was designed to look as though they loved each other. A new series of images for Reporters Without Borders, however, shows off what those rulers really think of us.

Created by agency BETC Paris, the new print campaign shows leaders such as Vladimir Putin and Kim-Jong Un making inflammatory gestures toward viewers. The effort is in support of the nonprofit organization on the occasion of World Press Freedom Day, which took place on May 3.

All the leaders depicted are of the nondemocratic sort that some might label dictators—the kind who might restrict the freedom that journalists enjoy in other parts of the world with the kind of gleeful "f*ck you" depicted here. Reporters Without Borders, which advocates for press rights on five continents, hopes that this metaphorical interpretation of these leaders’ oppressive actions will inspire people to defend themselves against injustices.

Have a look through the images in the slide show above.