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Domino's Lets You See The Whole Pizza Process With New Live Webcam

The pizza company ups the ante on pie-making transparency.

Domino's Lets You See The Whole Pizza Process With New Live Webcam

If you’ve ever wondered what goes on behind the scenes at Domino’s Pizza, well, you’re lucky because the chain has been famously eager over the last few years to show you how the sausage (and by sausage, we mean pizza) gets made. But the brand added a new dimension to its transparency play today with Domino’s Live, which allows consumers to watch the pizza-making process from start to finish through a live web stream.

Domino’s made a name for transparency when it opened up about the need for a recipe remake in the "Pizza Turnaround" campaign launched in 2009 and has since, with agency CP+B, created philosophically aligned products like the Pizza Tracker, which gives customers a virtual window on the status of their own ordered pie.

With the new venture, five webcams have been installed within a Salt Lake City Domino’s location and will broadcast the stream for 12 hours each day throughout this month. When consumers place a web order from Domino’s, they will be encouraged to visit the stream at There’s even a choice of views—you can look in on the dough, toppings, oven, or post-oven phases of pizza creation.

Is this too much information or the next natural step in pizza disclosure? Let us know in the comments below.