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A Miracle Whip piñata may sound like the stuff of nightmares—until you realize that instead of mayo, it might be filled with cold hard cash.

Although it looks like plenty of people will be celebrating Cinco de Mayo on Cinco de Dos this year, Miracle Whip is going to live online for the whole first part of the month leading up to the big day, and they’ve invited you to participate. On May 1, the tangy mayonnaise brand started live-streaming an interactive experience on a dedicated site where users have a chance to take a whack at the aforementioned mayo-ñata.

This could get messy.

Created through a partnership with Miracle Whip, online content provider Break Media and Deeplocal (the company that gave us Nike ChalkBot)Battle the Whip builds on the mayo company’s recent "Keep an open mouth" campaign by giving haters a chance either to be converted or at least enjoy beating the piñata via telepresence robotics. All week long leading up to May 5, the website will host a faux-Mexican village scene, where a mayo-shaped piñata dangles precariously.

Users can play against each other to alternately bash or defend the thing from the comfort of their keyboards, via a digitally controlled robot arm. Two announcers are hanging out to call the action each day. Users who sign up to knock the crap out of a papier-mâché mayonnaise bottle, or even just to watch the battle, are eligible for a $5,000 grand prize. Just in time to buy mayonnaise shots for everyone come Cinco de Mayo.

Watch a making-of video for the event in the first slide above.