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Microsoft Makes Sport Of Android-Apple Battles With New Windows Phone Spot

The latest ad for Microsoft’s Windows-powered Nokia Lumia depicts a wedding gone horribleyawry due to belligerent mobile-phone partisans.

For the last few years, the mobile phone marketing landscape has been dominated by the battle between Apple and Android. It was a battle that Samsung escalated with its amusingly direct attacks on Apple’s fanboy culture.

In a new spot from agency Crispin Porter + Bogusky, Microsoft joins the battle by positioning itself as an alternative to the whole unpleasant affair. This ad touts the Windows-powered Nokia Lumia 920 as a tasteful reprieve from the competitive one-upsmanship of the other two brands.

Directed by Roman Coppola, the ad takes place at a wedding which is populated by die-hard mobile-phone partisans. One side of the aisle loves doing the phone-bump transference that is the famous magic trick of Samsung’s Galaxy; the other side uses Siri to make insults. Meanwhile, the Nokia-faithful caterers simply observe the ruckus, rather than getting sucked into it—even though this unflattering depiction of two competitors sort of formally constitutes getting sucked into it. The final message: "Don’t fight. Switch."