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Long-Distance Lover? Condom Company Enables Remote Nookie With Electronic "Fundawear"

Durex is expanding into new territory with underwear that allows couples to remotely zap each other, in lieu of being able to use its condoms.

Each of us is basically just looking for someone who makes us feel tingly all over. For those who’ve already found such a person, but are separated from them at the moment, Durex has introduced a rousing new solution.

Fundawear is an invention from the condom company that amps up the kink factor. Its underwear is outfitted with electronic pulses that lets couples—or perhaps frisky strangers—send a shock to each other by remote control. The recipient of the not-too-high charge of volts will never know exactly which point of the body the jolt will hit.

Created by agency Havas Sydney, Fundawear is Durex’s first at-bat with a connected device. The vibrating underwear comes in both male and female versions, so the pleasure possibilities can go both ways. This isn’t a mass-produced product yet, but the company seems to be suggesting that the undies are available to those who enter a contest at Durex Australia’s Facebook page.