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YouTube Launches Spotlight Page For Boston Explosion Videos

YouTube collects all available video of an unfolding tragedy.

YouTube Launches Spotlight Page For Boston Explosion Videos

In the wake of the Boston Marathon bombing yesterday, YouTube launched a Spotlight page, Explosions At The Boston Marathon, aggregating available video of the attack.

The page includes video from people on the scene as well as from official news sources. Many of the videos capture the explosions and chaotic aftermath; videos also include Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis’s press conference and President Obama’s statement on the tragedy. The page currently includes 26 videos with 47 minutes of footage.

As Fast Company notes, the massive amount of on-the-ground video provides an unprecedented picture of an unfolding event like this and a new tool for law enforcement authorities—the Boston Police had put out a call for bystanders’ video in the wake of the bombing.

Google had also launched the Person Finder page (a tool it had made available after the earthquake in Haiti) to help people search for loved ones or offer information on the whereabouts of those in the area at the time of the incident.