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Marketing Fail of the Day: "Matilda" Ad Team Is Looking for a Few Good Reviews

In a bit of an advertising blunder, the New York Times ran an unfinished banner ad for the musical Matilda on its website. Whoops.

The letters TK are used in journalism and publishing to note that some item—a headline, say, or a chapter—is missing but on the way. It’s less confusing than putting in placeholder copy that could be mistaken for the real thing. Unfortunately, nobody told that to the team in charge of marketing the musical, Matilda. In a feat of fabulous ball-dropping, perhaps worthy of You Had One Job status, an ad for Matilda ran on the New York Times website April 12 with a hopeful sentence in place of a TK. Hopefully, they will be able to find some good reviews eventually and complete this ad. I want to know what the best quote is!

H/t Twitter-user Tapeworthy