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How many innuendos can Liquid-Plumr pack into one commercial? How about "Snake your drain," "Flush your pipe," and "'Finish off the rest"—and that’s only the beginning. After the success of last year’s Double Impact commercial, featuring two hunky beefcakes who arrive at a woman’s door to fix a clog, the Clorox brand is launching an actual "House Call Sweepstakes." Now you can win a visit from similarly endowed beefcakes, along with a real plumbing and fix-it professional to give your bathroom the business.

Winners will be selected each week through May 20 and will receive $1000 in addition to a visit from the sexy guests. You can enter to win on Liquid-Plumr’s Facebook page. Now, if only Clorox could help me "mop my floor" and "do" the dishes.