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Infographic: Navigate America With This Road Trip Movie Map

A cinema aficionado on Reddit created a map of the U.S. featuring the routes of characters from just about every American road-trip movie.

Infographic: Navigate America With This Road Trip Movie Map

Life is a journey, not a destination. This maxim is especially true in movies, where it seems to be almost against the laws of physics for a road trip to be uneventful. As characters depart from their familiar surroundings, so do their narrative arcs depart from the normal course as lessons are learned and feelings are felt. Now a map has surfaced online that plots the routes of several cinematic road trips, making it clear where all these transformative experiences took place.

Created by redditor Sverdrupian, the Map of Road Trips in American Movies charts the progress of every highway jaunt from Dumb & Dumber to Thelma & Louise. Seeing all of these filmic journeys represented on a map makes a few things abundantly clear. First, the plurality of motivations these characters have for making their trips. It’s a nice reminder that no two people (or road trips) are alike. Also, it’s interesting to see how many of these voyages were cross-country (a lot) and how many took travelers to the Pacific Northwest (not a one.)

The map also takes care to point out the means with which these expeditions are undertaken, not just the routes. Both the Easy Rider mavericks and the sorry Wild Hogs bunch took motorcycles, while Little Miss Sunshine made efficient use of an RV. Of course, the most memorable means of conveyance in the bunch has to be a lawnmower, used by Alvin Straight in The Straight Story.

What road trip movies were left off the map? Add your examples in the comments below.