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"Crimer Show" Is Twitter's Heavily Typoed, Insane Answer To CSI

An ongoing story fleshed out one barely intelligible tweet at a time, "Crimer Show" is one of the weirdest things happening on Twitter at present.

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It’s tough times these days for comedy fans who also miss the halcyon era of radio serials about crime. In 2011, comedian Rob Huebel updated the concept in the form of Mike Detective, a 15-episode podcast filled with dames, evildoers, and, well, dick jokes. Now, an Irish comic who goes by the name Astonishing Sod has brought the teleplay-style detective show to Twitter.

"Crimer Show" is a series of episodic stories rendered in barely intelligible prose that’s part LOLCats, part glue sniffer, one tweet at a time. It is also pretty darn funny. When the tweets add up to a full episode, they are aggregated and displayed in order on the Crimer Show website. Each tweet on its own looks like pure gobbledygook at first, as the "DETETCIVE" and various "POLISEMANS" try to stop "CRIMER" from wreaking havoc. At the rate of about a couple tweets per hour, though, the story gradually unfolds, establishing a rhythm and style. Ultimately, it’s half a parody of procedurals like CSI and Law And Order, and half its own weird thing.

Have a look through some choice dispatches in the slide show above, or catch up from "eppasod" one here.