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Tyler, The Creator Takes A Selfie With David Letterman, While On Letterman

Proving once again there’s no time like the present, rapper Tyler, the Creator self-shot a photo with David Letterman in the middle the "Late Show".

Controversial rapper Tyler, the Creator has a proven track record of getting physical with talk show hosts. When he made his TV debut on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon, he ended up forcing Fallon to give him a piggyback ride at the end of the performance. On April 4, in the middle of promoting his new album on Late Show with David Letterman, Tyler put his arm around the host, took a cell phone pic of them together, and tweeted it. Dave diehards, take note: If you want a picture with Letterman, best to ask him during the middle of your guest spot on his show.

Watch the full video of Tyler, the Creator’s Letterman appearance below.

[Photo by Tyler, The Creator]

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