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"Times Haiku" Turns Newspaper Stories Into Poetry

An algorithm/Turns great ponderous stories/Into nice haikus.

You’d probably never guess that this haiku…

was culled from an article in the New York Times Magazine.

The Times’s senior software architect, Jacob Harris, has created an algorithm that will build a haiku from any story in the newspaper. As a refresher, a haiku is a form of three-lined Japanese poetry, which follows a 5-7-5 syllable structure. Some of the sharper haikus might even do a better job of piquing reader interest than headlines. And they can be quite funny, like this one, based on the article "Women in a Man’s World" by Andrew Ross Sorkin.

Maybe next, someone should try and turn New York Post or National Enquirer stories into villanelles. Or create sonnets from US Weekly pieces.