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Inf-Ho-Graphic: A Precisely Plotted Map of Area Codes In Which Ludacris Has "Hoes"

About 12 years ago, a young Southern rapper named Ludacris gussied up the Rush Hour 2 soundtrack with an ode to his far-flung harem of waiting mistresses. "Area Codes" is less a song than a melodic list of locations throughout the continental United States in which Luda has established benefits with a bevy of anonymous female friends. And, because the Internet will never stop being the Internet, some dedicated hero has created a visual representation of all those area codes.

Self-proclaimed "data geek" Stefanie Gray has carefully plotted out a map showing every single place in which the self-described "Abominable Ho-man" once kept his wards. Each spot mentioned in the song is marked with its corresponding area code on the map (although unfortunately Hawaii’s 808 is left off.) Are Ludacris’ hoes still stashed in these locations, perhaps awaiting rescue? There’s only one way to find out.

Watch Ludacris’ "Area Codes" video below.