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"Mad" Artists Take On DC Superheroes

DC Comics’ brass let Mad Magazine artists take an interpretive stab at their venerable superheroes. Somewhere the Joker is muttering, "Why didn’t I think of that?"

  • 01 /13 | Green Lantern by Mark Fredrickson
  • 02 /13 | Flash by Sam Viviano
  • 03 /13 | Teen Titans by Ward Sutton
  • 04 /13 | Batman Detective by Tom Richmond
  • 05 /13 | Justice League by Sergio Aragones
  • 06 /13 | Wonder Woman by Peter Kuper
  • 07 /13 | Superman by Al Jaffee
  • 08 /13 | Supergirl by Richard Williams
  • 09 /13 | Justice League America by Herman Mejia
  • 10 /13 | Green Arrow by John Caldwell
  • 11 /13 | Batwoman by Rick Tulka
  • 12 /13 | Batman by Al Jaffee
  • 13 /13 | Aquaman by Tom Bunk

Politics and celebrities are one thing, but everyone knows the best fodder for satire is right in your own family.

In that time-honored tradition, Mad Magazine tapped sister company DC Comics for inspiration—dispatching its artists to redesign DC superheroes. The 13 variant covers will roll out through April. No cape is left unturned. 

"It’s shocking to me that DC would entrust their beloved superheroes to the Usual Gang of Idiots at Mad," says Mad editor John Ficarra. "Then again, this is the same company that hired me and my staff, so they do have a history of making bad decisions."

What, DC worry?

(Click on the above slideshow of the covers, but not while you’re eating.)