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Geico Grabs Pillsbury Doughboy For A Pat Down

It’s not recommended that YOU do this going through security.

Geico Grabs Pillsbury Doughboy For A Pat Down

You’ve probably never thought about it, but if the Pillsbury Doughboy were traveling to a baking convention, he’d have an awfully difficult time getting through airport security. Geico thought about it though, and the result is a funny and refreshing brand mashup and the giggliest installment of the brand’s ongoing "Happier Than" campaign.

The first amazing thing about the spot, from The Martin Agency is that it happened, that Geico persuaded Pillsbury to play along. The second is the great execution (the spot was directed by Wayne McClammy with VFX from The Mill)—the doughboy’s signature laugh is adorable and not annoying (we even get something of a new chuckle sound, which was surely debated for days during the creative process).

Sure, baking and car insurance have nothing in common, but that’s exactly why the partnership works. You might be more likely to remember Geico the next time you’re in the baking aisle. Whether Pillsbury really wants people to associate them with auto mishaps is another matter.