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Spotify Launches First Paid Ad Campaign

As competition heats up in the music-streaming space, Spotify does an ad campaign.

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Spotify will launch its first-ever paid advertising campaign tonight on NBC during The Voice. It’s a multipronged approach that includes commercials, social media, and still ads, all designed to bring the music platform to a broader audience.

With that mass-appeal goal in mind, the ads speak to the universal power of music and feature a range of protagonists. The spot "Getting Weird," for example, takes us into a kind of slow motion drug-induced haze—only the young folk in the commercial aren’t on drugs; they’re high on music. "We don’t care that it’s a Tuesday, or whose apartment this is," the narrator states as a partier in a wife-beater and sunglasses flails around like some kind of humanoid sea anemone.

In another spot, "Her Song," a Gen X commuter wistfully thinks about how many "memories" exist "between a chorus and a verse." The campaign was created by agency Droga5 New York.