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What It's Like to Read Game of Thrones, Animated

Your GoT crib sheet includes all—and we mean ALL—the important details.

If you don’t have the time (or the patience) to make it through the thousands of pages that George R.R. Martin has written, but you still want to approximate the experience of reading the Game of Thrones tomes, watch this three-minute cartoon.

Herein is exactly what everybody had for breakfast (honeyed ale, quail eggs, and pheasant breast drizzled in a vinegar plum sauce), all their facial hair preferences, and the goings-on of three dozen guys with the last name Jannister. A lot of people die as well, but not even the makers of this pithy video can truly keep track of the story’s many, many murders. It makes for a handy substitute for reading and a good warm-up for the premier of season three of HBO’s Game of Thrones, on March 31.