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Tilda Swinton Is Officially Art

If her acting and general affect weren’t enough to prove it, the actress is currently sleeping in a glass box inside New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

Tilda Swinton Is Officially Art

Long suspected of being either art or an alien, Tilda Swinton recently confirmed that she is definitely one of those things. The actress, riveting in films like I Am Love and The Deep End, and the inspiration for a fantastic parody Twitter, has just resurrected an old performance art piece at MoMA in New York. The recent Bowie collaborator is sleeping in a glass box on random unannounced days starting Saturday March 23 and continuing into the near future. On the days when she participates, Swinton stays in the glass box the entire day, occasionally stirring to sip from a jug of water. The Marina Abramović-like exhibit is called The Maybe, and Swinton originally performed it at London’s Serpentine Gallery in 1995.

[Images: Gothamist]