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Shepard Fairey Obeys Space Station Request to Create Mission Badges

He’s made indelible images for President Obama AND Neil Young. Next stop: outer space.

Shepard Fairey Obeys Space Station Request to Create Mission Badges

Shepard Fairey is going to space. Or at least his handiwork is. The high-profile street artist was tapped to create the official badge for the International Space Station.

The entrepreneurial artist and activist created an indelible image for a campaigning President Obama and recently helped Neil Young stay relevant. Apparently the only place to go from there was out of this world. Nonprofit organization CASIS (the Center for the Advancement of Science in Space) recently commissioned Fairey with creating the new mission badge, to be used on the center’s inaugural sponsored flight.

Advancing Research Knowledge 1 (a/k/a ISS ARK1) is scheduled to run from September 2013 through March 2014—with astronauts on board decked out in Fairey’s new creation. The triangular badge has a lime green and teal palette, and it features the space station hovering above what looks like Epcot Center’s golfball-shaped Spaceship Earth attraction. In other words: pretty rad.

Watch a video of Fairey talking about his thoughts behind the badge below.

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