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PaperPorn: College Humor's Not-So-Sweet Remake Of Disney's Oscar-Winning Paperman

It turns out the paper in Paperman had an agenda beyond bringing two souls together.

Leave it up to College Humor to destroy anything that smacks of romance. Disney’s 2013 Oscar-winning animated short, Paperman, was "an urban fairy tale in a world of light and shadow," according to director John Kahrs. It created a huge buzz even before the Oscar win for its striking hand-drawn look at a sweet, magic-tinged tale of love in the city.

Well, here’s a take on what happened after the happy ending.

Starring Memo Man and his sharpie-drawn breasts, College Humor’s take is less Paperman and more Paper Porn. Or at least it would be porn if the suddenly not-so-benevolent paper has its way. Watch, if you’re okay with ruining the romantic afterglow of the original.