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Coke Vending Machine Fosters International Cooperation

Coke’s latest happiness project involves a vending machine that makes people "touch" each other across borders.

"This year, two countries will show that what unites us is stronger than what sets us apart," asserts the latest ad-installation idea from Coca-Cola. The vehicle for this person-to-person diplomatic venture is the company’s new "touch" vending machine, which allows thirsty people from not always neighborly India and Pakistan to see and "touch" each other as they work for a common goal—a refreshing beverage.

The front of the machine is a screen (it resembles a large window) on which you can see your counterpart hundreds of miles away. A display of color and light is ignited when you both place your hands on the interface. It’s the latest installment of Coke’s "Happiness" campaign, which has featured feel-good vending machines in the past (like the hugely viral "Happiness Machine" that dispensed all manner of surprises).