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Kremlin Under Siege By Steven Seagal

Steven Seagal left America to go teach those Russians a thing or two. About physical fitness. Seriously, this actually happened.

Kremlin Under Siege By Steven Seagal

When Steven Seagal said recently that he was leaving to go whip some Russian kids into shape, for once it wasn’t a ready-made tough-guy line for one of his movies. Instead, it was part of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plan to revitalize physical fitness in Moscow by restoring the Soviet-era mass training program known as GTO (Gotov k Trudu i Oboronye, or "Ready for Work and Defense"). Although a man of Putin’s age may remember the early-90s heyday of Seagal, which Co.Create does as well, there is a chance the children of Russia will just see a somewhat doughy, upper-middle-aged TV actor in a kimono. No word yet on whether any of the Expendables crew will be joining.