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Vimeo User Creates Gorgeous Video Using Only Nokia Maps

Nokia Maps: not just for finding places anymore.

In recent years, it seems the world’s creators have figured out some pretty cool uses for Google Maps. Now it’s time for fans of competitor Nokia Maps, aka, Here, to step up as well.

"Wide Web World" is a new video created entirely by using the satellite images from Nokia Maps 3D, which was recently rebranded as Here. Directed by Vimeo user Paul Wex, who also did the music for the piece, "World" features graphically immersive, sweeping views from around the world, as glimpsed through the all-seeing eye of the app. Landmarks from the skyscrapers of New York to The Gherkin in London are shown off with eye-popping clarity.

Director Wex first used the service months ago and thought about creating this video at the time. "Unfortunately, my graphic card (GT8800) was not powerful enough to realize my idea," he notes on Vimeo. "I tested a lot of screen recorders, but all of them throttled the fps of the footages, and the results were always too jerky at 720p." After upgrading his card to an HD5770 eventually, Wex got it to work the way he’d hoped. View the results yourself in the video above.