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AraabMuzik Video Reveals Beat Machine's Ancient Origins

The producer, known for his skills with the MPC beat machine, traces its roots to ancient times in a video sure to get your head nodding

AraabMuzik Video Reveals Beat Machine's Ancient Origins

Fans of provocatively named producer AraabMuzik usually know two things about him: That his sonic brand is a breathless female voice saying "You are now listening to AraabMuzik," and that he seriously tears it up with his instrument of choice, the MPC beat machine, at live shows. In his latest video, the artist reveals the surprising origins of this mighty machine, which may or may not be a put on.

Directed by Tilla, "The Prince Is Coming" is a visually wild video that splits its time between showing off the virtuoso’s fast hands in action and advancing an admittedly clunky narrative about how the MPC came to be. Most of the video takes place somewhere that could be ancient Egypt, a medieval castle, or perhaps a modern Illuminati party.

"In the age of legends, the story of man was written in rhythm," a caption says at the top of the video, letting you know what pomp you may be in for. A trio of Cleopatra-type beauties seem to be searching for a dude who can convey the rhythms of the universe. This potentially goofy story arc never supersedes the star of the show, though, as the tribal sound of the track makes its presence felt first and foremost.

Watch the full video below.