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General Electric Slices Up Pi With Twitter's New Line Breaks

A new addition to Twitter’s arsenal of tricks is the ability to view line breaks on desktop and mobile, and GE has found a timely use for it.

General Electric Slices Up Pi With Twitter's New Line Breaks

It’s been a year of changes for Twitter thus far, most notably with the acquisition and subsequent ill-use popularity of Vine. The microblogging monolith introduced a seemingly smaller new feature on March 13, however, which could potentially become just as ubiquitous as Vines, and GE has already found a timely way to use it.

Although the web app has always let users tweet with line breaks, up until recently the interface would not display them onscreen. That era is over now; welcome to the brave new world of tweets broken up like haiku poetry, a world where your clogged Twitter feed is now slightly more bloated and the emoticons are more elaborate than ever. Heralding the arrival of this new function is GE, which promoted a tweet on the day of the line breaks rollout that paid tribute to Pi Day (3/14).

Do you think more brands will find creative uses for line breaks, or is this going to be a nonstarter fad? Let us know in the comments below.