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Old Spice's Marketing Director Has A Tumblr, Is A Wolf Dog

Old Spice wasn’t kidding around with its new Wild Collection line; the company has appointed a wolf dog as its marketing director.

Old Spice's Marketing Director Has A Tumblr, Is A Wolf Dog

The marketing team at Old Spice has made sweet social muscle music with spokeshunk Terry Crews, found walls within fourth walls and broken through them, and even redefined what it means to be a champion with weird wisdom from Green Bay Packer Greg Jennings. Now they’ve engineered a new character using everything they’ve learned about the web’s viral arts. It’s a talking wolf dog.

Old Spice’s latest for new product line, The Wild Collection, picks up on a lupine theme and gets even loopier. Created by Wieden+Kennedy Portland, the new campaign purports to have installed a wolf dog as director of marketing at the company. In typically self-referential fashion, a pair of ads find Mr. Wolfdog striving to convince viewers of his marketing acumen. What’s more, the W+K team has gone a step further, taking Wolfie out of the ads and onto Twitter and Tumblr.

"I have made a smart decision to create this popular website to show you all of my marketings and to sell you Old Spice Wild Collection smell products," reads the Tumblr’s mission statement, which rests just above a flurry of intentionally third-rate gifs and Geocities-era web page designs. "Please enjoy and spread this content to millions of your human friends."

This content, which probably will in fact be shared with millions, consists of an almost excessively large collection of on-message videos, chock full of the brand’s off-center swagger. Videos range from half-baked business webinars to footage of the new director kicking back and playing playing Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 like those kids do these days. Easily the most inspired of these pieces, however, is the half-hour long Google Hangout-set interview that Mr. Wolfdog conducted with a group of candidates clamoring to be his assistant.

Watch two of the new ads below.