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Facebook May Not Have a Dislike Button, But The Hater App Does

A new app launched at SXSW tries to restore some of the Internet’s negativity into your social media. It’s all hate.

Facebook May Not Have a Dislike Button, But The Hater App Does

Admit it, sometimes merely not hitting "like" on a Facebook status isn’t enough. Whether it’s an obnoxious luxury-based visual brag or an impossibly dull account of the day, some messages just strike a chord of annoyance that seems to merit a reaction—an unambiguous sign of disapproval. Of course, Facebook is a beacon of intended positivity, with no built-in way to "dislike." Fortunately, haters, there’s an app for that.

Created by Jake Banks, the Hater app launched for iPhone last Friday at South by Southwest. It’s an Instagram-like image bank with the express purpose for venting about the things you vehemently dislike. You can snap shots or any deep-breath-inducing incidents from your phone and share them with other Haters. When anyone else clicks on your post, it’s to acknowledge that they also hate your plight too.

Additionally, the app lets you pull images from other sites—like, say, Facebook—and then post them on Hater using a pseudonym. With this innovation, you can be proactive and hit the dislike button, albeit on another platform. It’s more anonymous than just making fun of Facebook friends on Twitter, which is the current solution. And if nothing else, it’s 100% certain that the app will go over well with Chief Keef.