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South By SouthWesteros: "Game of Thrones" Pedicabs Invade Austin

These iron-seated pedicabs, inspired by Game of Thrones, will get you where you’re going in SXSW…as long as you’re not beheaded first.

South By SouthWesteros: "Game of Thrones" Pedicabs Invade Austin

Recently, we saw how savvy the Game of Thrones team is when it comes to print ads. It almost makes one forget how the series has carefully built up a reputation for experiential marketing as well.

The frenetically bloody and boob-flecked fantasy show has the good fortune of nearing its third season premiere just when South by Southwest is hitting its stride. What that means for Austin-bound tourists this that week the marketing team brought its A game, with a fleet of pedicabs decked out like the series’ famed iron throne.

Many a man far braver than you or I has lost his head while trying to hold down a seat on that throne; South-by-Southwesters only have to sit on it for a few blocks on the way to a Nick Cave barbecue.

Game of Thrones season three premieres on HBO March 31. Get ready for the new episodes with a recap of season two below.

H/t to Laughing Squid

[Images: Flickr users Scott Beale, and Rusty Blazenhoff]