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Alec Baldwin Ridicules Charles Barkley, And His Underpants, for Capital One

Capital One pitchman Alec Baldwin has a new sidekick in sports great Charles Barkley. Just in time for March Madness.

When you’ve got golden pipes like Alec Baldwin’s, you can surely sell just about anything. In case that familiar inflection isn’t convincing enough on its own, though, Baldwin has a new foil in his ongoing series of Capital One ads: Charles Barkley. Also, Charles Barkley’s underpants.

Created by DDB Chicago, the latest ad finds Barkley missing from his seat behind the news desk of a fictional sports show. Unfortunately for him, an all-fired-up Alec Baldwin is on hand to explain how Barkley’s inferior choice of credit card caused his absence—and also to poke fun at certain items of the basketball legend’s laundry.

Baldwin, of course, has honed the comedic timing of his commercial work over seven years on 30 Rock and several turns at hosting Saturday Night Live. Not to be entirely outdone in that department, Barkley has actually hosted SNL a couple of times himself.

Watch two minutes worth of outtakes for the ads below.