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Netflix Users Play "Nicolas Cage Roulette"; Never Lose

Some hero created a website that randomly chooses Nicolas Cage movies to watch, so you don’t have to pick out a Nicolas Cage movie for yourself. Simple.

Netflix Users Play "Nicolas Cage Roulette"; Never Lose

Although he did win an Academy Award once, actor Nicolas Cage is known more these days for being weirdly indiscriminate about his movie roles. Need one of the lesser superheroes? He’s your man. A castle-stormer about witches? You bet. A Werner Herzog-helmed remake/sequel to Bad Lieutenant? Who else on Earth could do it? Now, however, audiences can be just as indiscriminate about choosing which Cage movies to watch as he is about which ones to star in.

Nicolas Cage Roulette is a new website that randomly chooses from the Netflix selection of Cage’s 70-plus films to bring viewers an unexpected flick. Whether it’s the actor’s Oscar-winning performance in Leaving Las Vegas or his cockroach-eating turn in Vampire’s Kiss is up to the algorithm gods. Created by digital strategist Scott Luptowski, the sight launched on March 3 and has been delighting indecisive Cage fans all week long. Now, if only there was a service that could randomly give users a different Nicolas Cage hairstyle at any time…