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Times Square Takes Lesson of Hurricane Sandy to Heart, With Repurposed Wood Installation

A heart-shaped installation made out of wood from the carnage of Hurricane Sandy graces New York’s Times Square, reminding visitors what happened.

It’s unlikely that any New Yorkers will forget what the city and its surrounding areas endured last fall with Hurricane Sandy. As a brief reminder, however, Brooklyn’s Situ Studios has put together an installation called Heartwalk. Gracing the Duffy Square section of bustling Times Square from February 12 though March 8, Heartwalk is a heart-shaped assemblage, made from wooden planks salvaged from the boardwalks of some of the hardest-hit areas, like The Rockaways and Atlantic City. The Heartwalk website collects photos taken by visitors, who are reminded of, and humbled anew by, the hurricane’s destructive force. See even more photos on Situ Studio’s Instagram blog.

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