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Two Toy Scientists Get Cremed By Another Oreo Separator

The latest leg of Oreo’s war between cookie and creme is a draw, as two scientists’ methods for isolating their favorite part cancels each other’s out.

Two lab-coated scientists escalate the war between cookies and creme in Oreo’s latest campaign.

The last time we heard from this ongoing saga, one man had assembled a clever way to thoroughly scrape off every last trace of creme from his Oreos—striking a blow for Team Cookie. This time, the two sides are more evenly matched, with toy scientists Bill Fienup and Barry Kudrowitz each pulling for their respective prized Oreo component.

Created once again by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, the new ad plays like a high-tech episode of Mr. Wizard. In the end, though, both parties get served. After the top of the cookie is scientifically popped off, things really heat up, literally: the creme from an exposed Oreo is atomized, and sprayed into Fienup’s open mouth. (Um, it’s not explicitly NSFW, but perhaps it should be?)