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Admire the Natural World and Beyond, Without a Plane Ticket

The 50 finalists in Smithsonian's 10th annual photo contest were announced on March 4. Images of the natural world and its inhabitants await you.

  • 01 /10 | Hai Thinh Hoang: "Alternating Rice Plots in the Bacson Valley in July"
  • 02 /10 | Eko Adiyanto: "The Ants Holding Seeds"
  • 03 /10 | Javier Arcenillas: "Blues in the Streets of Chicago"
  • 04 /10 | Neal Piper: "Breeding Penguins"
  • 05 /10 | Vanessa Bartlett: "Visiting the Bronx Zoo"
  • 06 /10 | David Egan: "Liquor Store"
  • 07 /10 | Vo Anh Kiet: "Rice Terraces Close to Harvest Season"
  • 08 /10 | Phillip Pilkington : "Baby Owl in Studio"
  • 09 /10 | Doug Van de Zande: "Nighttime at Times Square, NYC"
  • 10 /10 | Md. Akhlas Uddin: "Worshipers at Charak Puja in Moulvibazar, Bangladesh"

Smithsonian magazine’s annual photo contest is in its 10th year, and the finalists have just been announced.

After combing diligently through 37,600 submissions from photographers around the world, the magazine’s editors have selected a total of 50 finalists. While the editors will decide which photo is the best of the lot in five different categories, it’s up to the public to decide which one makes the cut for the Readers’ Choice award (voting is open through March 29.)

The five categories in the contest are The Natural World, People, Travel, Americana, and Altered Images. Have a look at some representative photos from all of the above in our slide show.