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Andy Samberg Has Got Your Every Independent Movie Ever Right Here

Last weekend, Andy Samberg hosted the Independent Spirit Awards, where he was able to show this parody of such films to the very people who make them.

It’s official: Indie film directors are never again allowed to shoot scenes where someone sticks his or her hand out of a car window, rolling it in the wind. Andy Samberg just ruined that wistful trope for the foreseeable future.

Viral virtuoso Samberg, he of the dick in the box and other favorites, created a short parody of the genre that gave us Little Miss Sunshine for his hosting gig last week at the Independent Spirit Awards. It’s called Bottlecap, named after the female protagonist Samberg plays in the clip, who kind of resembles Tina from Bob’s Burgers come to life.

The short clip also features indie perennials of the veteran division, such as Marisa Tomei and JK Simmons, as well as members of the new class, like Ari Graynor and Chris Messina. The robot from Robot and Frank also makes an appearance. The film boasts a review from Rolling Stone, calling it "terrible…" and will supposedly be playing in New York for two days, on the smallest screen available.