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Cookie Hardliner Takes Serious Stance Against Creme, Builds "Oreo Separator"

As part of its cookies vs. creme campaign, Oreo has just released a video detailing one man’s complicated efforts to rid his Oreos of creme. It’s on!

Fresh off of its first-ever Super Bowl ad and Super Bowl social media triumph, Oreo is raising the stakes of its recent Instagram-oriented "Cookie vs. Creme" campaign. The cookie company has apparently found some folks who are very serious about their preferences in this great debate, and are willing to prove it.

In the first of four videos created by Wieden + Kennedy Portland, someone on Team Cookie has created a way to mechanically eradicate every trace of creme from his Oreos. David Neevel, a physicist (and also a W+K staffer) who has a distaste for creme so preoccupying that he apparently spent what he describes as ".04 months" on ridding it from his life, has built what looks like a supercharged mini-Rube Goldberg machine. The device severely divides each cookie in half and scrapes off the creme with extreme prejudice. A hatchet is involved.

Anyone hoping for a response from Team Creme will have to wait until the next videos come out over the next couple weeks. In the meantime, fans who take a side one way or the other are invited to express their enthusiasm on Instagram by hashtagging appropriate photos with #cookiethis or #cremethat.