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Pinterest Platform Promotes Chest Tattoos For Breast Cancer Survivors

With the help of Pinterest, non-profit P.INK recommends an unconventional method for mastectomy patients to move forward—tattoos.

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Currently, there are 2.6 million breast cancer survivors in the United States, and it is up to each of them individually to find a way to cope with post-surgery trauma. However, a new organization is inviting all of these women to join together online and offering a non-traditional option for healing.

P.INK is a new platform that promotes the idea of tattoo art as a healing solution for mastectomy patients, many of whom are left with post-surgery scars and without nipples. Created by agency CP+B, P.INK is a vibrant Pinterest board, filled with design inspiration, recommended tattoo artists, and all manner of support for women coming to terms with their post-op selves.

"Tattoos can help in the healing process," ink artist Colby Butler says in a video made for the organization. "If you’ve gone through cancer or a surgery or had an accident, sometimes putting a tattoo in that spot can help you move forward; to either forget or make it a more beautiful thing."

The P.INK video documents survivor Molly Ortwein’s experience deciding on a tattoo, and the seven-hour process of getting it done. Watch it below, and look through some tattoo designs in the slide show above.