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Troubadour Wanders Into the Frame Of Every Stock Footage Video Ever

Singer/songwriter Darwin Deez declares "You Can’t Be My Girl" in a music video that finds him embedded in a stock footage festival.

There is something cold and inhuman about the kind of stock footage that plays in most commercials. People look way too happy doing ordinary things like flossing or staring at yoga pants, and everything is filmed in a gauzy way, like a dream you are just realizing is a dream. It is in this wasteland of ciphers that musician Darwin Deez injects some much needed actual levity—rather than the weird laughter of aliens that normally takes place in these scenes.

Deez is a musician who looks and sounds exactly as goofy as his name. In his latest video, directed by Keith Schofield, the troubadour finds himself digitally inserted into the background of a hit parade of stock footage scenes. At first, they are all scenes of women alone laughing (reminiscent of this classic). Soon, however, the stock footage turns away from yogurt and salad dressing-type commercials to more couple-oriented stuff—with Deez forever lurking in the background, an extra amongst nonentities.