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Joaquin Phoenix Drowns In Gravitas (and Water) for PETA

PETA’s latest features Joaquin Phoenix in his greatest role yet: fish-martyr.

If the pescetarian in your life doesn’t know that over one trillion fish a year are plucked out of the water and placed on plates, one way to bring them up to speed is with a video of a panicky, drowning, Joaquin Phoenix.

Never one for for subtlety, PETA continues the any-means-necessary fight against animal cruelty with a new ad depicting the experience all fish go through when removed from their home. After the definition of 'suffocation’ floats across the watery screen, Phoenix begins a narrative about seaside suffering. "Put yourself in their place," he asks at one point, applying the kind of acting skills that win Oscars to the task of looking like a person who can’t breathe. Perhaps now, the next time you find yourself at Red Lobster, you’ll remember how cool it is to not be drowning.