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David Fincher Assists Justin Timberlake On His Suit & Tie Sh*t

In the video for Justin Timberlake’s new single, the entertainer teams up with A-list director David Fincher and Jay-Z for an exercise in excessive elegance.

David Fincher Assists Justin Timberlake On His Suit & Tie Sh*t

The long-awaited musical comeback of Justin Timberlake is in full swing. It’s been rolling out all year long with machine-like precision, first with the announcement of imminent new music, then the song "Suit & Tie," followed by an album title, artwork, and release date. Hot off of a very welcome appearance at the Grammys, the multi-hyphenate has now made good on his promise of an official "Suit & Tie" clip.

With David Fincher making a rare return to his music video work, the new video is filmed in lustrous black and white, beautifully capturing traces of smoke in the air or the dust that lingers in the spotlight. An introduction catches us up on the trappings of Timberlake’s current lifestyle: getting massages, playing chess, eating cereal with Jay-Z, being pushed on a four-post bed by handlers. You know.

Soon, the video picks up right where the newfound creative director of Bud Light Platinum’s ad for the brand left off: with JT storming the stage of an Art Deco lounge or speakeasy.

Although Timberlake introduces Jay-Z by saying, "Get out your seat, Hov," the rap mogul mostly oozes out his verse sitting down, while scantily clad showgirls parade across the stage. Jay’s relaxed flow readily matches the upwardly mellow beat, and it all sort of meshes together into an exercise in elegant excess.