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8 Videos That Will Rip Your Heart Out And Crush You

You’ve seen the joy of romance. Now it’s time for the other part.

  • 01 /08 | "Bottle" by Kristen Lepore

    Kristen Lepore is a young animator who can conjure worlds of emotion from the everyday stuff of life. Here, she takes a lump of snow, a lump of sand, assorted detritus, and a bottle and creates an achingly bittersweet love story.

  • 02 /08 | Shera Flexy Board "Jing-Jok"

    It’s like Titanic. Only ceiling board instead of an icy sea.

  • 03 /08 | Keaton Henson "Small Hands"

    Joseph Mann directs this gorgeous video featuring woodland creature puppets from Jonny Sabbagh & Will Harper. It’s all lovely and soft…until it gets bone-crushingly sad.

  • 04 /08 | Clock Opera "Once And For All"

    Gather ye rosebuds while ye may, people (after you’ve had a good cry in the bathroom at work).

  • 05 /08 | Storycorps "She Was The One"

    Part of StoryCorps’ September 11 project, which collected an animated stories from families touched by the tragic event.

  • 06 /08 | St. John's Ambulance "Helpless"

    You might not see it coming, in life, or in this video.

  • 07 /08 | Organ Donation Dog

    While not about romantic love per se, this tale of a lost loved one transcends species boundaries.

  • 08 /08 | Magistral Snow Man

    Damn you, hot water!

Even those who are romantically well-adjusted can look warily upon Valentine’s Day and its compulsory romance routines. Others may be looking for a counterpoint.

We’ve already covered off the pleasure part of the occasion. Now, because only love, as they say, can break your heart, it seems fitting to celebrate the other side.

Just as it’s difficult to capture the exaltation of true romance on film, putting a lump in your throat and a sucking feeling in your gut takes a light touch. Here, 8 videos for wallowing.