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New York Lottery's Powerball Has Your Dip Jokes Right Here

A new ad for New York Lottery’s Powerball shows how funny you can be—with an unlimited budget.

Everybody thinks they have a great sense of humor, but it can’t be true across the board. Ultimately, some people are about as funny as ALF fan fiction. (Okay, that might actually be funny.) In any case, for those who wish they were that extra bit funnier the New York Lottery has come up with an elegant solution: win at Powerball.

In a new spot created by agency DDB NY, a man has an apparent predilection for telling jokes all the time, and he is crushing it. Everywhere this guy goes, he leaves fits of chuckles in his wake. Of course anyone would probably have that kind of batting average if they had this guy’s advantage (lest we spoil it, watch the ad to find out what that is).

Watch another scenario below.