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Super Bowl XLVII

Budweiser Names Its New Clydesdale(s)

Say hello to Hope. And her little friend.

Budweiser Names Its New Clydesdale(s)

It’s been a joyous time in the Budweiser household as the company’s Super Bowl spot "Brotherhood" won the USA Today Ad Meter (and a place on our own list of top spots in the game).

And now Anheuser-Busch has announced the name of the young Clydesdale that appeared in the spot and in a pre-Super Bowl Twitter campaign. Hope was chosen by fans as the 200-pound foal’s name.

But apparently Budweiser had another foal waiting in the wings. According to Budweiser’s Twitter feed, the contest drew so many name ideas (60,000+), the company decided to bestow one of them on another newborn, who will now be known as Stan (named in honor of late St. Louis Cardinals player Stan Musial).

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