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Inevitable Robot Uprising Continues Apace, Enslaving Little Caesars

Look closer at that person on the side of the road, directing drivers to stop at a nearby Little Caesars. It might not be a person at all.

In what can only be viewed as an act of aggression by our future overlords, robots have begun to take over the sign-spinning duties that once belonged to human workers at Little Caesars. Perhaps it’s a good time to brush up on how to speak C++.

A keen-eyed citizen noticed that the baseball hat-wearing boy holding up a Little Caesars side on the side of the road seemed a little peculiar. Upon closer inspection, he found the dull featureless face of a humanoid robot, decked out in Little Caesars gear, apparently programmed to wave a sign around with mechanical zeal. The robot was standing atop a mobile corrugated steel crate, which itself is strapped to a tree—hi- and lo-tech meeting right in the middle.

In the video documenting this find, the unseen narrator quotes from a famous South Park episode wherein the thorny issue of immigration is boiled down to the rote catchphrase: "They took our jobs!" While it’s doubtful that Little Caesars is planning to insource all of its positions to nonhuman staff, one wonders if we are that far away from cyberpizza.