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Super Bowl XLVII

Scenes From The Other Super Bowl: A Mad Max-Themed Spot For Hyundai Canada

From Canada, Hyundai shows us scenes from the "Gaspocalypse."

Last year one of the most interesting Super Bowl entries was never seen by the millions of people who watched the game on U.S. network TV. It was an ad for Budweiser that was made by Anomaly for the Canadian market and aired on the Canadian broadcast of the game (and online).

This year, there’s another strong player from north of the border, "Gaspocalypse." It’s a spot for Hyundai from Innocean Toronto and director Benji Weinstein that borrows from Mad Max-style visions of our gas-starved future (which is an odd thing for an automaker to remind people of, but anyway…). The ad depicts a regular Hyundai-driving guy being pursued by the dusty, skins-wearing denizens of a desert and their fearsomely modded death buggies (and of course outlasting them and confronting them in a twist ending).

The spot, filmed in the Mojave desert, will appear during half-time (and on Hyundai’s YouTube channel and Facebook page).