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Super Bowl XLVII

Join Our Live Interactive Chat On How To Win The (Advertising) Super Bowl

Join John Boiler, President of 72andSunny; Loren Angelo, GM of Brand Marketing at Audi of America; Mike Sheldon, CEO of Deutsch LA; and Co.Create editor Teressa Iezzi, as they discuss Super Bowl marketing strategy with readers.

More marketers than ever before have joined in the pre-game action ahead of Super Bowl XLVII, looking to make the most of their investment in one of the last mass audience events in the media world.
How do marketers devise their Super Bowl strategy? What are the pros and cons of releasing teasers and original content before the actual game? These questions and more will be addressed by our mini Super Bowl panel of experts and our editors in our live chat today at 12p.m (E.T.). And you can join in the conversation, right here.

Sharing their professional insight will be John Boiler, President of 72andSunny, Mike Sheldon, CEO of Deutsch LA and Loren Angelo, General Manager of Brand Marketing at Audi of America.

Spurred by our questions—and yours—the pair will address many of the issues around creating and distributing a successful Super Bowl campaign. Get your questions in ahead of time by using the log-in box below (you can log in with your social media accounts, or you can log in with just your name)!

Kickoff is at noon—see you then!