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Super Bowl XLVII

Ragtag Peewee Football Crew Assembles in Another Hyundai Super Bowl Spot

In another Super Bowl spot from Hyundai, a relatively shrimpy kid accepts a football challenge from some neighborhood ruffians.

Long before they make it to the Super Bowl, most NFL players start off playing rough-and-tumble neighborhood ball—and that’s where Hyundai’s latest game day ad gets its inspiration.

Created by agency Innocean, just like its brethren ads, the new spot features a relatively shrimpy kid challenged by some ruffians to find a team to square off in a bout of neighborhood ruffians. Boy, does he ever come through, with some amusingly preposterous ringers. Not since MacGruber went about recruiting for his movie mission a few years ago has the "putting together a ragtag team" montage trope been so lovingly sent up.