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Super Bowl XLVII

Mayhem Gets Historical in Allstate's Super Bowl Teaser

Allstate’s Super Bowl offering reveals longtime pitchman Dean Winters (of 30 Rock fame) involved in some historical calamities.

If Adam and Eve had been insured, would the fall of Man been covered under their policy? Major insurance provider Allstate’s Super Bowl ad traces the lineage of disasters from Eve biting the forbidden fruit all the way to today’s very common fender benders.

Created by agency Leo Burnett, the new spot is the latest to feature longtime pitchman Dean Winters, who is perhaps best known for playing Tina Fey’s sometime boyfriend Dennis Duffy on 30 Rock. The Super Bowl preview features Winters as mayhem personified and shows his influence on many historical mishaps, from the leaning of the tower of Pisa to the cracking of the Liberty Bell and all the way to a modern-day sports debacle that should still be fresh in viewers’ memories. This 60-second spot will air immediately following the game Sunday, and Allstate will release a series of 15-second versions on its YouTube channel, beginning on Jan. 31.